Mental health care
Lily Care South Africa’s mission is to change societies attitudes towards people with mental health or intellectual disabilities. As a community we ought to support them to access health care facilities and other amenities just like everybody else in the society.

At Lily Care we understand that living with poor mental health can sometimes lead to homelessness and that anyone coping with mental health problems can find it more difficult to manage their day-to-day needs. Because everybody’s journey is different we help you work towards achieving your personal goals at your own pace and in your own way, and as your needs change, the level of support you receive from us will be adapted to match. For some, this may mean that they feel content and well, whilst others may want to live the best they can while dealing with the every-day symptoms of their condition.

Our experienced staff will encourage you to think about your own strengths and abilities and give support with the practical changes that can help you take greater control of your life, reach your goals and achieve improved mental well-being.

Please call Collette on 076-992-8172 or Millie 071-399-4176 to discuss your care needs.